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Greater Art: Reimagining the Civic Cultural Infrastructure of Columbus 

The City of Columbus and Franklin County are creating a plan to guide the future of public art in Greater Columbus. The process is being led by the Greater Columbus Arts Council, who have engaged cultural consulting firm Lord Cultural Resources, along with Columbus-based cultural leaders Jonna Twigg and Marshall Shorts to help carry out the work.  

The planning process will prioritize the broadest possible engagement of stakeholders, beneficiaries, and audiences of public art, involving all those who live, work, create, visit, play and learn in Columbus.
This includes but is not limited to artists, art workers, arts organizations, residents, families, students, researchers, visitors, tourists, educators, youth advocates, business owners, real estate developers, government officials, nonprofits, community organizations, community organizers and thought leaders across disciplines. 


The plan will serve as a blueprint for the next 5-10 years, establishing guidelines for public art, a sustainable funding model, and equitable distribution of public art throughout Columbus and
Franklin County.  


  • Irene Alvarez,
    Leadership & Business Consultant and formerly COO, Columbus Partnership  

  • Michael Bongiorno,
    GCAC Board Member, Architect and Managing Principal/Design Director, AECOM  

  • Randy Borntrager,
    Assistant Director, Department of Public Service,
    City of Columbus 

  • Adam Brouillette,
    Principal, Blockfort Studios and Artist 

  • Curtis Brown,
    Community Partnerships Administrator, Office of Budget & Management, Franklin County Board of Commissioners 

  • Greg Corbin,
    Arts Leadership Consultant, Poet, Educator,
    former Nonprofit Executive 

  • Melanie Corn,
    President, Columbus College of Art & Design  

  • Jeff Edwards,
    Owner & Founder, Edwards Companies 

  • Stanley Gates,
    Director of Community Engagement,
    Columbus City Council 

  • David Guion,
    Executive Director, Dublin Arts Council 

  • Betty Hill,
    Supervisor of Arts & Physical Education,
    Columbus City Schools 

  • Lisa McLymont,
    Columbus Art Commissioner and Artist,
    Graphic Designer & Social Justice Advocate 

  • Bernita Reese,
    Director, Columbus Recreation & Parks  

  • Brian Suiter,
    Principal, RiverWest Partners  

  • Amy Taylor,
    President, Columbus Downtown Development Corporation 

  • Shelbi Toone,
    Project Manager, Poindexter Village Museum &
    Cultural Center and Artist  

  • Merijn Vanderheijden,
    Columbus Art Commissioner and Director, Urban Arts Space and Hopkins Hall Gallery, Ohio State University  



  • April- June: Background Research 

  • June- November: Public Engagement 

  • November- December: Plan Development 


  • January- March: Plan Development 

  • April-May: Presentation and Approval 

  • June: Plan Launch 

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